Flags for the Fallen

26,000 Flags | One Mission


Save the date and join us from May 26 through Memorial Day 2023 for the return of Flags for the Fallen: 26,000 Flags|One Mission. 

This tribute, located in the museum’s Memorial Garden, honors the 26,000 Eighth Air Force airmen who made the ultimate sacrifice in World War II. 26,000 48-star American flags, the flag under which these men served, and many are buried, will fill the garden and give visitors a chance to walk through and remember those heroes who didn’t return home.

The 26,000 flags were only placed because of our amazing volunteers! We want YOU to be part of the experience this year! Volunteer to Place the Flags

The Memorial Garden will be open to the public from May 26 – May 29. Entry to Flags for the Fallen, is included in your regular museum admission.

“If you hear their names, they shall not be forgotten.”

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