Throughout the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force are powerful videos telling the stories of the Eighth Air Force in World War II. Now you can view them from wherever you may be!



Homefront and Propaganda Resources

In World War II, they didn’t have E-Mail, they had V-Mail! This guide will not only teach about V-Mail, you can print it out and have your little ones make their own!
Classroom Guide V-Mail

World War II propaganda posters have remained iconic symbols of that time period meaning they are still doing their job! Print out some coloring pages and learn about powerful propaganda communication.
Propaganda Coloring Pages
Propaganda Poster Classroom Guide


Life in the Eighth Resources

What was it like being an airman in the Eighth in World War II? These videos and guides tell the stories of the men – some from the veterans themselves!

Prisoner of War Activity Guide
The Schweinfurt Plan
The Regensburg Plan
November 1942: Occupied Europe