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The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force places a high priority on educational programs for school groups and other visitors. The Museum plays an integral role within the educational community; over 20,000 students participate in annual field trips to the Museum. The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force is pleased to incorporate the Character Counts! program into all of its museum tours and programs. The Museum was officially recognized in 2003 by the State of Georgia as a Center for Character Education. The Mighty Eighth realized that we have thousands of stories within our museum and archives that demonstrate strong admirable character traits and we needed to be able to share those stories with every person we could and Character Counts! helps us to reach this goal. The Mighty Eighth has accepted the challenge of sharing the positive character traits demonstrated by the men and women of the 8th Air Force. Program content is age-appropriate and tailored to meet school curriculum standards. We have several different tours/programs available to match the educational needs of various groups. In this way, the classroom teacher is partnering with our educational staff so student and teacher may participate in an authentic learning experience. Please make reservations at least one month ahead or as soon as possible to secure your first choice in field trip dates. March, April, May, all Fridays and weekends book up quickly. Please don’t miss out on a tremendous learning experience for your students.

The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force welcomes over 20,000 school children from across the State of Georgia and Southeast each year for specialized tours.
Student Tours

All student tours are guided to enhance their museum experience and have a 10 student minimum. Groups should be scheduled at least two weeks prior whenever possible due to guide availability and tour demand. Thank you. Grades: Pre-K-2 Tour length: 1– 1 1/2 hour
Grades: 3-12 Recommended Tour length: 2 hours

Student Tour Options

Student Group Tour Admission: $5 per student.
Reduced Rates/Free Admission grants are available. Grades Pre-K to 12th and above Ages 3-103

The WWII Tour immerses students on a historic journey beginning in 1933 with the prelude to war in Europe through to the unconditional surrender of the Axis powers in 1945. Students will leave with a better understanding of WWII history including the role of the Eighth Air Force in helping to defeat Nazi Germany. What is the Eighth Air Force, why do they have a museum and why is the museum in Savannah, are all questions to be answered. The tour incorporates Character Education using the Eighth AF experiences from World War II. Artifacts, photographs, letters and exhibit panels bring the tales of WWII and the Eighth to life. All tour content is tailored according to grade level and includes the three part Mission Experience films.

“We Can Do It” The Home Front Tour integrates our WWII tour with how every-day Americans contributed to the Allied victory. “We are now at war. We are now in it—all the way. Every single man, woman, and child is a partner in the most tremendous undertaking of our American history.” So stated President Roosevelt on December 9, 1941, during his weekly radio address to the nation. With the bombing of Pearl Harbor, America had formally entered the war as a partner of the Allies in the fight for democracy—and life on the Home Front would never be the same. Available school days only.

The Science of Flight Tour teaches students the principles of aerodynamics utilizing the museum’s newly restored B-17 Flying Fortress to demonstrate the science, math and aeronautics necessary to make flight possible. Using a wind tunnel, jet engine model and combustion engine model students learn the history of the science of flight. Students will design and make paper airplanes to test the theories. Available school days only.

Doing Their Part! Girl Scouts in WWII Tour integrates our WWII Tour with the awe-inspiring participation on the Home Front by the Girl Scouts. On March 12, 1944, the Girl Scout Organization donated a “check” to President Roosevelt representing the 15,430,000 hours of volunteer service they had earned since 1941. Girl Scouts were integral in helping America contribute to the Allied Victory. Scouts will visit the museum’s Girl Scout featured exhibit as part of their tour to learn how they achieved this amazing accomplishment as well as “Rosie Up” with bandanas to experience the roles of women in WWII. The “Women Through Time” Badge is earned and available in the Gift Shop for $2 +tax after the tour.

Need Lunch?

We offer rooms to eat your bag lunches in free of charge. The museum’s restaurant offers box sandwich lunches for $6 and a hot buffet lunch for $10. Reservations required for all lunch options.

Classroom Visits can be added to your scheduled tour to further discuss various topics using artifacts. Contact the education department for details.

To schedule a tour please call the Education Department at 912-988-1835 or email

175 Bourne Ave, Pooler, GA 912-988-1835
Open Daily 9:00am–5:00pm

Character Counts! is a nationally recognized program developed by the Josephson Institute that the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force adopted to help instill better character into local students. Students need the correct tools to be successful in school and life. Character Counts! uses the six universal character traits of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship to create a positive learning environment where all students enter ready to learn and be better people outside the classroom as well. The museum realized that we have thousands of stories within our museum and archives that demonstrate strong admirable character traits and we needed to be able to share those stories with every person we could and Character Counts! helps us to reach this goal. The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force and the Chatham County School District began a partnership to help local schools implement Character Counts! and the museum has raised significant dollars for this partnership to help impact every student’s life.

The great thing about Character Counts! is that it intertwines seamlessly into the curriculum the museum, teachers and Chatham County School District are already teaching. The academics of literature, science, social studies, history and even math lessons that are taught on a daily basis are integrated with the Character Counts! six traits to also help teach students how to have strong character and work to be a better person in some way every day. Character Counts! uses the TEAM approach to teaching these traits- Teach, Enforce, Advocate and Model. Being integrated into their curriculum every day, all day helps reinforce each trait and its importance. For more information about Character Counts! tours or training please contact the Education Department at 912-748-8888 ext. 102 or email at



Learn what it would have been like in WWII to be a member of the Eighth Air Force, the unconventional roles of women, as well as children’s role in the war effort. A mission briefing and dinner will kick off the night. Then your group will experience the museum with a unique personalized guided tour, learn the techniques of a bombing mission with a fun hands on activity, explore the combat gallery by flashlight and relax while watching a movie before bedtime.

Airmen and airwomen will be called to breakfast by an authentic bugle call! Students will receive personalized dog tags at their Mission debriefing during breakfast before returning home!

Bunking In begins at 6:00PM and ends the following morning at 9:00 AM. Reservations are required and based on availability. Bunkin’ In is perfect for schools, Girl Scouts, Boy/Cub Scouts, church groups and more. Each reservation is personalized according to the group type and age. Email for more details and to make your reservation today.

Bring your sleeping bag and explore the Museum as never before!

Only $200 per student includes lunch, snacks, drinks and lots of fun.
Ages 6-12
Sign up for one week or several weeks!


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Learn more about WWII D-Day battles each day with fun interactive outdoor activities and games

June 3-7

July 29-August 2



Adventure awaits…… as a character in WWII influenced movies.  Be a famous WWII era archaeologist, rebel defeating an evil space empire, a WWII era comic super hero and so much more!

May 20-24

June 24-28


FTX: Field Training Exercises

Fun Army life activities, fort building and nature outdoor activities

June 17-21

July 22-26



Create your own legend as you learn super secret spy techniques with interactive activities

June 10-14

July 8-12


Contact the Education Department for details.
912-988-1832 or

Contact the Education Department for details.
912-988-1832 or

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