The weekly Target for Today Facebook live program takes important dates, names, themes, collection items, and more from the Eighth Air Force experience and World War II, and brings them directly to the public every week through the Education Department.

The museum’s Google Classroom gives teachers at all grade levels resources to share with their students, online and printed out. Are you a life-long learner? You can explore the classroom to learn some new facts about the Eighth, too!

The museum welcomes thousands of students from around the region every year; however, not every class can come in person. Now teachers can set up virtual tours for their classes and let the Education Department bring the history of the Eighth directly to them.

Let your students receive a hands on history experience with the Flying Footlocker program.

Individual footlockers contain the story, artifacts, newspaper clippings, and lesson plans for students to touch and learn from. These items are rented through the Education Department and will immerse your class in history.