“It Wasn’t Supposed to be Them”
The 8th’s First Mission to Berlin
Presented by Museum Trustee John O’Neil Jr

Wednesday, March 4 | 11 am | FREE program
Optional Lunch Under the B-17 to follow $10 for Members | $15 for Non-Members

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John O’Neil’s father flew in the lead Pathfinder plane on the 8th’s first successful bombing mission to Berlin. The crew wrote a book titled “Bombs Away by the Pathfinders of the Eighth Air Force.” Order your copy of “Bombs Away by Pathfinders of the Eighth Air Force” HERE

Authored by Three Eighth Air Force Pathfinder crew members: Marshall J. Thixton, George E. Moffat, John J. O’Neil.
The book tells the story of the Pathfinders of the Eighth Air Force, and relives the war experiences, including some of the most intense air battles over Germany, through the eyes of three B-17 crew members.

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