james holland picDuring the third week of February 1944, the combined Allied air forces based in Britain and Italy launched their first round-the-clock bomber offensive against Germany. Their goal: to smash the main factories and production centers of the Luftwaffe while also drawing German planes into an aerial battle of attrition to neutralize the Luftwaffe as a fighting force prior to the cross-channel invasion, planned for a few months later. Officially called Operation ARGUMENT, this aerial offensive quickly became known as “Big Week,” and it was one of the turning point engagements of World War II. “Big Week” is a brilliant piece of narrative history capturing a largely forgotten campaign that was one of the most critically important periods of the entire war. Author James Holland will join us at Churchill’s Gastropub in Downtown Savannah and talk about this unforgettable piece of Eighth AF history. When: Wednesday, November 28  Time: 5:30-6:30 Cocktail Hour| 6:30 James Holland talk |7:15-8:00 Book Signing Cost: $20, Museum Members/Students $15 (Admission includes 2 drink tickets and appetizers) Contact 912-988-1835 or education@mightyeighth.org for reservations or details. Books are available for purchase in the Gift Shop now and at the event. Book purchase not required.