CPT Schlegel, More than a Name

Just a Name on a Wall: 8th Air Force WWII Aces Captain Albert L. Schlegel, 4th Fighter Group, 13.5 kills by Perry R. Nuhn, Colonel USAF (ret) Museum Volunteer Former Director Information…

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“Me n Martha”

“Me n’ Martha”: Lt. Ellis’s A-2 Jacket By: Katherine Hill Lt. Sydney Clyde Ellis (his family called him Clyde) was born in Texas, but he sought his fortune in Illinois when he…

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Medal of Honor – 2LT. William Metzger

William Metzger enlisted at Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 5, 1942, and served at Camp Perry, Ohio, and Camp Young, Calif., with ordnance battalions before becoming an aviation cadet in March 1943. He trained…

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